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Why does Moyeam Tea look white?

Because it contains a kind of special ingredient Dihydromyricetin .

What kind of tea does Moyeam belong to?

Moyeam Tea does not belong to any kind of tea and do not contain any theine. It is a magic plant only growing in Chinese Tujia minority settlement and we company process it in the old inherited way. It looks like tea.


How does Moyeam Tea work?

Moyeam Tea's key components flavonoid work to acute respiratory disease and pharyngitis, protect liver from the harm of alcohol.

Moyeam Tea is most effective when taken twice daily, morning and evening before meals. (breakfast + dinner).It does not contain      any theine and can help supplement water for your body after getting up and help sleep at night.

Moyeam Tea also helps make you feel fuller by suppressing your appetite.

If  Moyeam tea so popular and of great nutritional and medicinal value, why I have no idea about it before.

 Moyeam plant only grows in the high mountain of Zhang Jiajie,China. We never do any publication and sell it by information spread among customer.  From 2014, we start overseas market.

Can i drink Moyeam Tea whilst breastfeeding?

 Moyeam Tea is 100% organic and natural. You can.

What comes in the 15 day Moyeam Tea Pack?

When purchasing your very own Moyeam Tea pack you will receive 30 tea bags, 1 for the morning and 1 for the evening.

How can I talk with Moyeam Tea?

Our friendly team are always reading emails and replying to Instagram questions! You can email Moyeam Tea at 



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