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Moyeam Group Story

Moyeam Group is an integrated enterprise specializing in developing Moyeam plant growing in minority settlements of famous mountain Zhang Jiajie, including cultivation, research, production and sales. In 1997 we are awarded"茅岩莓" (Moyeam) trademark by Trademark Office of People's Republic of China,and in 1998 we succeed to obtain the authority and patents of developing MOYEAM products.In 2010 we gained "National agricultural geographical indications".

After 17 years of development and business acquisitions, “Moyeam Group" is founded in 2014, until now we have 1 holding subsidiaries, 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 1 research institute. Besides, There are 5,00mu organic Moyeam tea plantations and 2 factories.At this stage, company’s key business is Moyeam loose teas, tea bags, and tea powder. Because of the enormous nutritional and medicinal value of Moyeam, in the future we will develop personal care products, beverage and other related products. In China, Moyeam tea has been the well known health tea.We strive to deliver Moyeam products to every corner of the world, and spread the concept of healthy life to people around the world.



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