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The future of Moyeam

1.Q:Where is Moyeam’s market in e-commerce era?
A:For the domestic market,moyeam has joined in several major B2B business platforms at the end of 2014,like Taobao, Jingdong, T mall.For the international market, we have joined in alibaba, aliexpress and other B2C business platforms in 2015,to satisfy the development of network. Moyeam developed a series of new products: Shanxuemei flower tea,fresh loose tea,moyeam toothpaste, moyeam facial mask,moyeam lozenges etc.


2.Q:As a kind of health care product,how to control the product's quality from raw material?
A: In 2014,we built our own plantation and factory which are more than 3000 square meters to produce moyeam tea instead of purchasing from the farmers.The factory is located close to the plantation which is good for ensure the fresh of the material.All the products of Moyeam are produced though the fixed process and will be inspected before selling.
3.Q:How about the future of Moyeam?
A: 1)Moyeam is a kind of precious plant which contains rich level of bio-flavonoids, it has wonderful medical functions,such as Antioxidant, anti-aging,.improving immunity. This is the most important support of Moyeam.
2)Moyeam plant could used for drink,health care product,cosmetic,food additives and a variety of fields,it has potential development and wide prospect of market.
3)Moyeam plant only grows in Zhangjiajie Mountain(800~1500m),it’s a kind of special
resources in Zhangjiajie.Moyeam as a brand is also a geographical indicators.
4)Moyeam’s slight bitter & long sweet perfect combination taste make it outstanding from other teas.There will be huge market for moyeam tea in health care field.

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