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    6-8 May.2015, 13th Annual World Tea Conference & Expo, USA

    4~11 May,2015. Moyeam group went to USA to took part in the Annual World Tea Conference & Expo at Long Beach,California.This is the 13th World Tea Expo.
    World Tea Expo is the leading trade-show and conference focused 100% on premium teas and related products.This year’s Expo is truly a melt pot for the tea industry,the exhibitors come from more than 32 countries.Besides the traditional green tea,white tea,pu’er tea, red tea,coffee,there are a variety of regional special products,like herbal tea,fruit tea and tea related product.
    Moyeam tea as a kind of herbal tea only grows at Zhangjiajie,Hunan,China. It’s a outstanding tea substitute which contains rich nutritional ingredients.In the booth ,moyeam tea’s unique appearance and perfect taste attracted many customers’ attention. Its wonderful medical functions made it to be a very popular product.

                                                             Picture 1:Foreign customers are tasting Moyeam Tea.


                                                              Picture 2: Moyeam is being interviewed on the booth.

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