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    The Multiple Development of Moyeam

    17th December.2014, Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Congress Xu Shousheng visited Moyeam’s factory and exhibition hall ,there are a wider variety of products than 1997: Moyeam tea, Moyeam lose leaf, Moyeam tea powder, Moyeam lozenge,Moyeam facail mask, Moyeam flavor tea, Moyeam toothpaste...

    At first,Moyeam plants only grow on Zhangjiajie Mountian(800~1500m),it is very difficult to pluck, its low output is hard to satisfy the market demand.After more then 10 years’ researching and testing, Moyeam group discovered a suitable plantation in Luotaping Town, Zhangjiajie City,and started to cultivate moyeam plant at Sep,2014.Since then,the output of Moyeam tea enhance greatly.

    Before 2013,Moyeam health tea is the only product of moyeam group.In 2014,we cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine,the College of Pharmacy of Central South Universality and other academics,had developed a series new products like Moyeam lozenge,Moyeam facail mask, Moyeam flavor tea, Moyeam toothpaste...

    Moyeam has our own GMP certificated factory for moyeam series products.It is located near the plantation which is good for shorten the delivery time and keep material fresh.To ensure the products’ quality,all the works should wear disinfected clothes and wash their hands by sanitizer twice before they enter the workshop.

    In 2015,to response the strategic "upgrading zhangjiajie" ,we cultivated moyeam plants at five scenic spots in Zhangjiajie for the visitors’ studying.Besides that, moyeam group also plan to make the plantation and factory to be an unique view spots to promote the special Zhangjiajie.

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