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       Have a cup of tea every day to keep oral healthier
       Oral health is a vital part of your image,it just likes a mirror can define the quality of your life. Moyeam tea with rich flavonoids and essential trace elements could inhibit and kill the pathological bacteria,fungus,saccharomycetes ,virus,chlamydia and other pathogenic organism in mouth.Furthermore,it will combine with the oral cells  and attach to the injured cell,then there will be a protective coating to prevent tissue infection ,promote wounds healing.Moyeam is effective to treat oral ulcer,periodontitis,decayed tooth,ozostomia and keep oral health.
       Moyeam health tea is made of a kind of nature herbal plant.It has wonderful functions on rejuvenating sialaden, ab-irritation , relieving itching,producing saliva & slaking thirst,anti-inflammation.Drinking Moyeam tea frequency for a long time can cute acute upper respiratory infection ,acute pharyngitis,chronic pharyngitis  and chronic bronchitis.Drinking Moyeam tea on a daily basis is a convenient but effective way to take care of your month.



                                     Picture:Moyeam loose tea is popular among business people and office workers. 

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