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    Flaovonoids applied in cosmetics(4)

    Early in 1985,the report shows isoflavonids has effects on skin whitening,some research institutions and cosmeticscompanies from Japan ,Germany ,France,America started to use bio-flavonoids in skincare products.During the research and production,they found bio-flavonoids also has wonderful function on moisturizing ,stimulating hair growth restraining sweat and anti-aging.Furthermore,bio-flavonoids has no toxicity or side effect to human skin. Thereafter, people are especially keen on study and use flavonoids,there are more and more new functional cosmetics contains bio-flavonoids appear on the market every year.
At Abroad ,cosmetics filed has developed series of natural plant extract skincare products by advanced production equipment and technology,like the famous brand LANCOME has a new series of products contains composite plant isoflavonids which enjoys a high reputation among the beautiful ladies.In China,we take more attention on using bio-flavonoids in medical and health care products before.Using bio-flavonoids in cosmetics is under researching and developing.

    Bio-flavonoids could be extracted from plant or made by chemical synthesis,Since 1385,people discovered moyeam plant,it was named as “Tujia Heaven Tea”at that time as it’s amazing medicinal effects.In 1993,expects from Hunan Zhangjiajie Institute of Botan found moyeam plant on Zhangjiajie mountain,its fresh leaf contains 9.13% flavonoids which is the one of the most potential pure natural plant as raw material in cosmetics field. In recent years, Zhangjiajie Moyeam group has started to study the craft of extracting and using bio-flavonoids with Zhongnan university and other scientific research institutions.

    At the beginning of 2015,Moyeam group started to research and develop Moyeam M series facial mask and Moyeam toothpaste which will ues bio-flavonoids extract as main ingredient to reducing the damage to skin and organs.Let expand the new generation of beauty form June 2015.

Picture :special Moyeam toothpaste contains rich flavonoids for oral care



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