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    Antibiosis & Bacteriostasis

    Currently,most of the sell-able skincare products on the market contains a kind of effective ingredient--Flavonoids.The study shows:low-acid (PH=6) flavonoids and its derivative could make protein coagulation degeneration,it is good at antibiosis & bacteriostasis. Moyeam ( scientific named Ampelopsis grossedentata) contains the highest level of flavonoids among the known plants, the average content is 6% and the highest date could be 9.13%.

    The extract from moyeam root ,stem,leaf both has function on inhibiting 5 kinds of bacteria including staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa,but the effect is different from the plant organs, bio-flavonoid from young leaf is most effective.The higher concentration of flavonoids, the more obviously antibacterial effect.It also has been proved by a a series of experiments about a kind of compound preparation consist of Moyeam plant and mango leaf with different proportions.

    Like the flavonoids ingredient in acne facial mask,it plays an important role of treating acne and anti-allergic by destroying the integrity of cell wall and cell membrane to restrain the growth of the microscopic.

    Zhangjiajie Moyeam group is searching and developing M series facial mark use bio-flavonoid as main composition,it will appear on the mark on June 2015.You will not be afraid of acne any more with moyeam facial mask.


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