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   Whitening  &  beauty

    Flavonoids is widely existed in plants with variety of types,most of them has significant biological activity.It is a kind of potential natural skin-protecting factor can be used for cosmetics.According to the research,the main reason why human skin looks sallow, bleak and dark is largely depends on a substance--melanin.
    Currently,the skin whitening agents in the market is required to be effective without side effect,it is usually be extracted from natural plants,like:flavonoids,arbutin,licoflavone,and other herbal extracts.The flavonoids extract divided from Moyeam plant is pure with small molecular weight,it can inhibit melanoma cells and is very easy to be adsorbed by human.Series of moyeam flavonoids experiments shows:moyeam extract could be a kind of safety whitening elements with less side effect than other extracts.

    At the beginning of 2015,Moyeam group started to search and develop M series facial mask which use flavonids as main active component,it is use for solve female dull skin problems.Moyeam M series facial mask will start to sell on June.Be whiter and more beautifier day by day from June.


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