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    Powerful antioxidant & antiaging

    In recent years,nature-respecting is the main development tendency in cosmetic field,natural plant extract is an increasing important and popular material.Flavonoids is widely existed in plants,most components of it could eliminate skin's free radical, accelerate skin metabolism, reduce the melanin deposit and increase the transparency of the skin.

   At aboard,the cosmetics contains flavonoids have a better market as it is effective to anti-aging,anti-inflammatory,whitening and skin regeneration;In China,a little kinds of precious plant flavonoids extract has been industrialization exploited and used for cosmetics ,like dihydromyricetin and isoflavone.

   According to the theories of aging,excess free oxygen radicals and protein will produce brown pigment to form different kinds of skin spots.Free radicals will also make the skin cells degeneration and losing elasticity.When there is insufficient moisture in the skin,cell walls is much easy to be punctured to form wrinkles.

   The study shows: moyeam tea contains the highest level of flavonoids among all known plants.Moyeam fresh leaf contains 9.13% flavonoids, and the dihydromyricetin can reach 70%.This kind of extract is called nature SPA vital lotion.

   Moyeam group is developing the M series facial mask with flavonoids to solve the female skin problems,it will come to the cosmetic market in June 2015.Expanding moyeam facial mask,expanding to be more beautiful.


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