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    Flavonoids in Moyeam (6) 

    The folk history of drinking moyeam tea can be traced back to the period of Shennong tasted hundreds of grasses. Moyeam was called as kocha vine tea by the ancient “Book of Songs”.It is a kind of strong meditative nature plant with rich flavonids, amino acid,vitamin,and essential trace elements.Since 1385,there is thousands years' history of drinking moyeam tea. Moyeam tea was named "heaven tea" by both the Emperor of China and Tujia minority people.

     The study from nutrition expert and tea expert shows: moyeam has rich phytochemicals-flavonoids,and the dihydromyricetin among it has outstanding effects on heat-clearing and detoxifying;Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacteria;inhibiting influenza virus & hepatitis B virus;treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

     Zhangjiajie Moyeam co.,ltd is the only normal manufacturer of moyeam tea in the market.We made moyeam tea as a kind of fashion health drinks to modern people by scientific and safe production processes.



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