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       Flavonoids in Moyeam(5) 

       According to the test analysis of 16 national medical authorities of China: moyeam contains 17 kinds of essential trace elements,like:Ca,Fe,Cu,Mn,Zn,Se,Na,I,K;many kinds of essential amino acids and more than 20% of flavonoids. Among the flavonoids,there is an amazing content of dihydromyricetin ,it reaches 70% and it is a kind of nature antioxidant.

      The pharmaceutical study of moyeam extract and its anti-virus & anti-bacterial experiment proved flavonoids has wonderful functions on inhibiting influenza A and influenza B viruses. Flavonoids' medical effects is very obvious and rarely seen among plants on preventing coccus,bacillus,gram positive , bacterium, saccharomycetes and Mycenae. Supplementing these essential elements through drinking moyeam tea has good advantages to human health,especially to the sub healthy group.

      The people from Tujia minority have had moyeam tea for long time,they are both longevity and seldom ill .Moyeam has been the regimen secret of Tujia minority people since 1835.Drinking moyeam tea,keeping far from sickness.

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