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     Flavonoids in Moyeam (4)

     As a kind of low molecular natural plant gradient, flavonoids are widely existed in vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants with little side-effect. In recent decades, flavonoids is concerned by more and more people, as it has already been proved to be very important to human body.

    1.effect on cardiovascular system: decreasing blood-fat; preventing arteriosclerosis & peripheral vascular lipidated and reducing it's lesions.

    2.anti-inflammation and improving immunity: Chronic inflammatory diseases is usually associated with the increasing of oxygen free radicals, excess oxygen free radicals and its intermediate products will be one of the causes of a variety of pathological changes in the organization. Flavonoids is a strong capture agent and quenching agent of oxygen free radicals.

    3.sterilization and anti-virus: flavonoids can inhibit a variety of bacteria, viruses and protozoa growing.

    4.preventing peptic ulcer: flavonoids could expand gastric mucosal blood vessels, increase gastric mucosia blood flow, promote gastric mucosa repair,increase gastric tissue prostaglandins content, thereby it will increase defense mechanism to accelerate the healing of peptic ulcer disease.

    5.anti-tumour: flavonoids can treat tumour through promoting tumor necrosis factor, inhibiting carcinogenic agents, anti-oxidation and other ways.

    The study shows: besides flavonoids, moyeam plant also has 17 kinds of amino acid and 14 kinds of micro elements.Drinking moyeam tea everyday to supplies daily nutrition and improves body function.


     Picture:kind A-mei from Tujia minority pass the secret of Health and longevity that moyeam to you.


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