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Flavonoids in Moyeam(3)

        Flavonoid is wildly existed in more than 4 thousand kinds of plants and berries with different molecular structure. Rutin, hesperidine, green tea polyphenols, anthocyanins
and anthocyanins acid all belong to flavonoids.

        According to the research report, flavonoids with different molecular structure may has health effect on different organs. Like: gingko & hawthorn is good for cardiovascular system;blueberry is good for eyes; cranberry is good for urinary system;grape is good for lymph and liver; elderberry is good for immune system.

        Moyeam tea, a kind of nature vine tea with the highest level of flavonoids has health medical functions on throat system, immune system, cardiovascular system and other organs.

        Usually, we can supplement flavonoids through drinking moyeam tea, eating grape, onion, cauliflower and other way.



                                                  Picture1: tea growers is picking moyeam leaves from plantation.


                                                           Picture 2:A health day starts from a cup of moyeam tea.

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