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Flavonoids in Moyeam (2)

According to the test of several medical authorities, flavonoids have wonderful functions in many aspects. As a kind of powerful  antioxidant, flavonoids can scavenge surplus oxygen free radicals in the body, prevent cells aging and protect us against cancers. Such as, anthocyanins can control grease peroxide spilling in the whole stage, and it's efficacy is 10 times higher than Vitamin E.

Moyeam tea was made of nature wild vine-Moyeam botanical. On the basing of Chinese Tujia minority's traditional handmade production process from 1997,we started to produce moyeam tea bags by modern technology to ensure it's quality and functions .

Moyeam tea is with high level of flavonoids  which makes it have great function on depressing blood-fat, softening blood vessel,  inhibiting platelet aggregation, regulating gastrointestinal system, anti-thrombus and anti-tumor. Drinking moyeam tea regularly for long time could improves functions of various systems of the human body.  



 Picture: The process way of Moyeam loose tea is handed down from Chinese Tujia minority people 600 years ago.

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